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A Targeted Approach

Accuracy and Precision are intentional by nature; the process doesn’t need to be painful. When your Lab Equipment works for you, quality reproducible data is only the beginning.

  • Seamless – From the moment you plug in a device, you are collecting data.

    No setup, No headache, No frustrations!

  • Accessible – Control your equipment and data from any internet enabled device.

    Eliminate late nite and weekend equipment checks!

  • Secure – Blockchain encryption, user-based ease of access.

    The only thing better than science is Secure Data!

We design and manufacture the most powerful lab equipment to elevate your lab, your research, and your science.

“An experiment is only as good as the quality of its data, a lab’s credibility is only as good as its reproducibility.”

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The world’s only modular design enabling plug-and-play upgrades, feature expansion, and repairs.

Reduce your pre-purchase research requirements and eliminate equipment turnover.

IoT / IIoT

The first internet-connected device manufacturer, because no one wants to make midnight and weekend visits to the Lab.

Your equipment will notify you if something’s wrong, enjoy your time off.


Security of the blockchain with user-based accessibility.

You chose who can see and access your data from any internet connected device.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Staying up to date and understanding what all your data means is tedious and time-consuming.

With AI you can spend your time more productively and keep up with the data.

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“Regulations should be the aspects that enable better science, not the distractions that impede discovery. How better to empower scientists than through the reduction of expenses and automation of compliance?”


Trusted Partners

We only partner with companies and organizations that share our mission to:

“Reduce Human Suffering through the elimination of disease, remove barriers and exponentially increase the rate of discovery.”

On this mission, it is imperative to eliminate counter productivity and expenses while increasing automation and efficiency. We use only the greatest materials and craftsmanship, economically and with minimal impact on the environment. This is reflected in our carbon neutral assembly and manufacturing warehouses and the careful selection of our partners around the world.

Discover The Future

We provide the highest quality tools and materials for exponential discovery and collaboration of the greatest minds.

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