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The Subscription economy is now

We are living in a different era.

Businesses over the last 40 years have been forced to evolve many times. Shifting from products to services to a combination of the two. In today's climate the requirement is to be consumer-centered. Businesses and consumers are creating on-going relationships like never before.

Healthcare is no different

In the last 15 years, 52% of fortune 500 companies have disappeared. The life of expectancy of a modern business has shrunk by 60 years. In fact, the average biotechnology company only last 3 years. As the overhead continues to skyrocket, healthcare be required to innovate. 

Its time for the experience you expect

Subscriptions have reasonably become the preferred way to use products and services. The subscription experience offers personal customization and payment security unlike any other. These advantages should have entered into healthcare a long time ago.

It’s not about selling products. It’s about selling outcomes. It’s about customer lifetime value and systems of innovation." - Amy Konary (VP of Zuora)

Enjoy Your Lab, Secure Your Future

Modern lab equipment should relive all worry about the safety of samples, failures, and unforeseen maintenance. Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is designed to yield the best results possible through intelligence software and capable hardware. Scale up or cancel services anytime.

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