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The Hardin Scientific Acoustic Focusing Cytometer has expanded functionalities to drive your research forward. Designed and developed to remove common barriers associated with Hardin Scientific flow cytometry, the evolutionary capabilities of the flow cytometer offer adaptable optical configuration options so you can get the most out of your multicolor analysis.

  • Free Hardin Scientific software with researcher-inspired upgrades
  • New green laser option for expanded utility and fluorochrome options
  • Simple push-button sample recovery function

Freakishly fast flow
The innovative combination of acoustic focusing technology coupled with traditional hydrodynamic focusing results in acquisition speeds up to 10X faster than other flow cytometers. This technology reduces the time needed to obtain results.

  • True 35,000 event/sec (+10% coincidence rates)
  • Maximum electronic speed of 65,000 events/sec
  • Analyze small or limited samples faster than ever
  • Efficiently run traditionally long assays

The Hardin Scientific flow cytometer is ideal for immunophenotyping and signaling studies, cell cycle analysis, detection of rare events, stem cell analysis, cancer and apoptosis studies, microbiological assays, and more.

Fit for your lab today and in the future
The instrument’s modular design provides the flexibility to meet future capability needs with a variety of upgrade options. Purchase what you need now and easily upgrade later. The small footprint of the instrument requires minimal bench space, even allowing use in a cell culture hood.

  • Flexibility—1 to 4 lasers, 14 colors, and 16 parameters
  • Field upgradeable—choose to add additional lasers when you decide
  • Customizable band pass filters for expanded fluorochrome choices

Tune into your data
The Hardin Scientific Acoustic Focusing Cytometer easily runs most samples including cardiomyocytes. The system is designed with a clog-resistant syringe-driven system to push the sample with a force of up to 75 psi.

  • Flexibility in sample concentrations and sample types
  • Elimination of time-consuming concentration steps with No-Wash, No-Lyse Filter Kit 
  • Analysis of dilute samples, including CSF, stem cells, mouse bone marrow, mouse blood, and thin needle aspirates
  • Acquisition of a high volume of samples in minimal time


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