Hardin Scientific, Inc


We handle:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Network
  • Security
  • Upgrades

All included in your monthly subscription

We don’t think that’s enough; our circulators also have:

  • Alert notifications on mobile devices
  • Remotely start and stop equipment
  • Remotely monitor/control operating criteria
  • Remotely request data export via email
  • Remotely lock and unlock door
  • Calibration locally
  • Chamber Uniformity
  • Back-up Battery
  • Real-time remote diagnostic services

Model: 4-Hole / 2 Row

Power: 800W

Work Size: 30X30X14cm

Network connection

  • WIFI
  • Cellular data
  • Ethernet

Unlimited cloud storage

  • Usually, the industry manually exports data from the equipment via USB port or utilizes a third party data-logging systems. For example, you always have a limited amount of space using local storage. Practically, it means you have a limited time frame of historical data you can keep the record of. In some cases, it’s 2 years, sometimes a year, or maybe a few months only. The limitless approach is to synchronize your data to the cloud in real-time. In this case, you can access the lifetime data of your equipment 10, 15 years or even more.

Amount of data generated by one equipment unit

  • 175.5K rows / 20.18 MiB - Daily
  • 5.44M rows / 625.58 MiB - Montly
  • 64.80M rows / 7.51 GiB - Annually

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