T3 I7 Cell-Culture Incubator (reservation)

Hardin Scientific, inc


Reservation benefits (time limited offer):

  • Fixed and discounted price to buy an equipment unit next 90 days
  • Unlimited cloud storage for life
  • Unlimited cellular data plan for life
  • Free access to the WebPortal for unlimited users
  • Free access to the MobileApps for unlimited users

THIS PAYMENT IS A RESERVATION, NOT A FULL PURCHASE. Your payment will be processed immediately. Once shipping begins, you'll be asked for the remaining amount along with shipping costs, applicable taxes/duties. You are not committed to buying equipment by this reservation. By reserving you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Purchase price for reserved equipment:

T3 I7 Cell Culture Incubator - $12,990.00


 *  Shipping costs, applicable taxes/duties are not included.


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    • The main internet connection channel

    Ethernet connection

    • The alternative internet connection channel

    Cellular connection

    • Reserve internet connection channel. All units of equipment by Hardin Scientific equipped with a cellular modem.


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